Web Design

Your needs come first! We offer customized websites to fit your businesses needs. Complete with easy navigation, a way for your customers to contact you at a faster rate, as well as a fully functional   HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SEO (search engine optimization) site! Stressed out? Let me help take the stress away, by leaving your site in my hands! Essentially, this will make your life a little bit easier in the long run.

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Graphic Design

Make your business POP, with our graphic design! Get a customized look for your website. I am knowledgeable in Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash animation! Meeting your needs is what I am all about!

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Other Products

Does your company have an event coming up? Let KC Media Designs help! We also offer:

  • Custom invitations!
  • Wedding advertisements!
  • Engagement announcements!
  • Bridal shower invitations!
  • Baby shower invitations!
  • Company events!
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Mission Statement

Get the services your need to help your business grow! We offer customized web design, graphic design and party planning! You can expect us to ALWAYS meet your needs.  I use a variety of platforms to reach all of your leads! Such as, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Why do I do this? To help others achieve their goals in business!

My customized websites are the best! With the easy navigation, your customers are sure not to become frustrated when looking at the services you provide! Need a way for your customers to contact you? Let my contact forms do that for you! When your customers add their name and email information to the form , after hitting send the email with by automatically directed to you! Communication is definitely key to a successful business! Not only can you expect awesome navigation and communication with your customers, you will get a beautiful fully functional HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and SEO website!

Lets talk graphics! I will provide a customized look for your website! Tell me what you want to do to your site and I can make that happen! My knowledge in graphic design includes: Illustrator, Photoshop and Flash animation!

I also provide other services, which will help your business to grow! Do you have an event coming up? Let me help! I offer customized invitations such as: wedding invitations, engagement invitations, bridal showers, baby showers, or lets do something custom!

My philosophy is the customer ALWAYS comes first! Your success in business is my main goal! If I can help you achieve that, then I have done my job successfully!


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Contact me today for a quote! Let's make your dream in business come true! Worried about budget? No Problem! We can come up with a payment plan that meets YOUR needs!